Monday, September 26, 2011

Nothing is as creepy as....

DH has always had an interest in Taxidermy, and luckily I share that interest as well. While I enjoy the creep factor in mountings and skulls, DH has watched a few videos and a read a book or two on the subject.
He hasn't actually begun learning the craft because we still live in an apartment and I am sure our neighbors wouldn't be happy about the smell of rotting animal carcasses or boiled flesh.
Even though neither of us are hunters, we have collected a few pieces inexpensively.

DH has had an a set of steer horns since before we were married and they have always resided over the entrance to every home we have lived in.

In our dining room is two sets of Deer Taxidermy. One is a skull and antler mounting I picked up at Goodwill for $3 last year. The other is an unmounted skull and antler a former coworker gave DH a few years ago.

More recently, a coworker saw these creepy "Owls" while cleaning out the home of a recently passed away relative and thought of me. I am almost positive that someone stuffed ordinary birds and just applied googly eyes and feathers to give it the Owl look. No telling how old they are, but I appreciate that she saw these and knew her "weird" friend would love them. Indeed I do.

Our newest addition, I picked up at the Atlanta Festival in Atlanta Indiana for a mere $10. I dubbed him "Bob" and people stopped us all day wanting to take a look at my purchase. One man even reached into our cart to pull it out before we quickly stopped him. He was by far my favorite thing I saw there, and ironically, the seller tried to buy it back later.

Note. I apologize for the weird formatting of this post. My html skills are a little rusty, but I am really doing nothing different than any of my other posts.

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