Friday, January 18, 2013

When did you catch the Horror Bug?

I remember my Mom taking me to a neighbor's for movie nights. I was supposed to be asleep on the floor/couch but I totally was faking it.
The first Horror movies I watched?

Happy Birthday to Me

and My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Did they give me nightmares? Maybe, I don't remember. But they gave me a love of all things horror. It doesn't matter, cheesy or gorey, thriller or supernatural, I love it.

Ok, I lied. This movie gave me nightmares.  I recall a vivid nightmare of me wearing my Pink Barbie Cowgirl Costume and walking into a Saloon. There was a coffin in it, and I opened it to reveal one of the vampires from Salem's Lot. I was then chased by many more of the vampires.  Lame yes, but I couldn't have been more than 6 years old.

I remember going with my best friend to see the 20th Anniversary of the Exorcist. We must have been the only 2 people in the theater who had never seen it. My friend pulled her knees to her chest and rocked herself the entire movie, she was so scared. Me? I laughed my ass off. It was hysterical. I about pee'd myself when Regan came down the stairs all twisted upside down. She told me the reason it didn't scare me, was that I didn't believe in God or the Devil. Maybe that's true, but seriously that movie was funny.

Want to know what movie really freaks me out? This movie!
The Audition. Seriously. It's a messed up must watch.

My current favorite is probably Trick R Treat. DH discovered it on Netflix and since I really despise Anna Paquin I skipped it. I came home at lunch one day and he was watching it. I caught my first glimpse of Sam and it was love. His rules are simple: Wear a costume, hand out treats, never blow out the Jack O'lantern, ad always check your candy. If you don't... well you got to watch the movie. And Charlie Brown is an asshole!

Friday, August 31, 2012

A lovely place to rest your bones...2

Sofas, chaises, and benches. I look to Pinterest again for inspiration pieces to spring ideas on how to decorate my home. This little beauty would look lovely in an entryway or at the foot of a bed. The crafty thriftster would be able to make something similar from a coffee table, some padding, a pretty fabric and some paint.

I love the look of leather. A distressed brown leather fits just as well black in a spooky home.

In the bedroom I imagine this chaise.

I would love a tufted leather sofa. I bet this set cost more than my car.

Another bedroom chaise. Sexy.

This is a beautiful room, but what catches my eye is the velvet sofa on the left. Velvet is a sexy seductive fabric that would fit well in my home.

I totally hate the flower pillows on the couch, but I like the couch.

Every once in awhile, I will see a vintage sofa set in a garage sale or antiques store. They always want astronomical prices for the pieces, even though most need a lot of work. This one appears to be a reproduction and the fabric is hideous, but it does have vast potential.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A lovely place to rest your bones...

The internet again has provided me with inspiration for seating. Once again Pinterest has shown me lovelies I would have never otherwise seen. This post is going to focus on various chairs that range from glamorous to torturous. Regardless they should fit well in most spooky rooms. Spooky, yes. Comfortable, I imagine not.

This would be lovely in a room where there isn't much color.

This looks incredibly comfy.

I imagine this in a kitchen or on the patio.

I see chairs similar to this at thrifts and yard sales. It could easily be recovered in a suitable fabric and painted or stained dark to match any dark room.

This dark beauty calls to me.

This looks like the chair I would imagine Malificent to sit upon in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

Looks like a chair you would find on the wall of the Night's Watch.

This is a classic piece, that you may find at a yard sale or thrift in those horrible granny fabrics that beg for you to recover.

This is another chair that I see often at thrift stores that perhaps belonged to a long replaced dining set. This chair could very easily be painted and reupholstered to fit your home.

Interesting chair that would fit well in a room with a Ottoman or Moor feel.

Such a beauty. I can imagine the Red Queen taunting Alice from such a chair.

I am not a fan of the wood stain, but this chair is beautiful in it's simplicity. I would probably paint the wood a sleek red enamel and leave the leather seat as is.

Oh my! I would love these chairs to sit at my kitchen table!

This would be lovely in my bedroom, but I would have to be careful to not go overboard with the animal prints.

The beautiful attraction of this chair is the skull print and it's creamy coloring of the fabric. Nicely done.

Dusting off the cobwebs...

Oh poor neglected blog, I have been bad in maintaining you. As the weather begins to cool and Halloween goodies start to pop back up in the stores, I am reminded of your existence. Forgive me. To get back into this blogging thing, I shall share some of my favorite Dark Decor Inspiration Pins I have pinned on Pinterest. Some you may have seen before, some may be new. But they are all inspirations for the souls who like to stay spooky all year round. This room has so many elements I love. The grey fireplace, the zebra rug, the striped wallpaper, as well as the sheer curtains.

I love the sleekness of this very sexy bathroom. The glossy black molding stands out against the red wallpaper.

What is there to not love about this room?

I really like the adding of color to the backboards of the bookcases.

I'm not crazy about the floral aspects of this room, but I love the glossy furniture and the use of fur.

More animal prints! See a theme with me?

Do you have a Pin of a room that inspires you on Pinterest? Or have you stumbled upon a dark jewel somewhere on the internet? Please share.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ouija Lamp

I have a couple of Ouija Boards that I have picked up at Goodwill that have been sitting on a shelf ignored and unused.
So when I came across this lamp on craftster, I knew I wanted to do the same.
Fast forward months later and I still hadn't begun. I had collected a lampshade, but alas I couldn't find the perfect one used in the inspiration lamp, so I made do. I carefully peeled the paper top from the board and decoupaged it onto the shade. I robbed a black feather boa from an old piece of lingerie, added some ribbon and a dollar store bird and called it done.
But it sat unused until the end of September when DH called me out on my laziness and said I would never finish it. That lit a fire under my butt and I quickly found a lamp at Goodwill that I could robbed the light kit from. DH then promptly attached the light kit, added a red bulb and hung it for me in the dining room.

And without further ado, here is my Ouija Lamp.

I do admit that I think the original lamp looks better, but I am happy with the end result. I have delighted in my BIL's freaking out, and the admiring glances of friends who appreciate my spooky decor.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Crafty Wreaths

I had to break up my Wreath Pins into 2 posts, because there was such a wealth of people who shared their talents this year.

How Freakin' Awesome is this? Seriously, I love it.

And this one? Yes, it's made from store bought props but it's reuse is one of the best I have seen.

How about this simple beauty?

Or this one that's beyond creepy?


Pinterest is hands down my favorite site on the web, it's a wealth of tips and tricks and decor ideas. You download an app for your browser and when you come across something you like you "pin" it and it's saved to Pinterest. You "pin" an image as a visual reminder and pinterest saves the original link, so that it makes it super easy to revisit. It's bookmarking but better, because you can access it from any computer, not just your home.

I've been "pinning" my favorite Halloween wreaths and want to share. These are all handmade crafty wreaths that you will not find in any store.

Seriously, why waste your money on fluffy glittery mass manufactured decor? You can totally be inspired by these talented people and make our own.