Saturday, August 27, 2011


Here's a little disclaimer.

I was on blogger one day and randomly trying to see if various blogs were available. Taken. Taken Taken. And they all have absolutely NO CONTENT. No Posts.
What's the purpose of having a cool blog name and then not using the blog? Are you hoping someone will come along and buy the blog from you? If so, it's a dick move and shame on you.
So anyway, I tried and was surprised to find it was available. I wanted it. My house if full of horror crap, and I love to craft. Why not? Well, I do have another blog that I neglect, so I suppose there's the chance I will do the same with this one. And do I expect people to even read this blog and give a damn about what I say or the stuff I make? No, not really. If I get readers, cool. If not, this will be a place for me to keep my memories.

So that being said, I not associated or affiliated with the following folks, who I discovered after doing a google search:
HorrorCrafts on Etsy very cool jewelry btw.
Horrorcraft on Facebook
Or any books, games, funhouse, haunted house, videogame or movie using the name "Horrorcraft".

Old Crafts from Old Blog...

I do have an old neglected blog that I used to post crafts to, spooky and non-spooky related.
I thought I might post a "best of Enduremyworld's Horror Crafts" here:

Have a deadly sweet tooth check out the Skull Cake I made for last year's Halloween party.

Need a quick Halloween costume? Check out Dia De Lost Muertos Makeup and Headband

Have a bunch of Halloween towels that never get used? Try re-purposing them, like I did with the Spider Plastic Bag Holder
Is your trash can a boring dollar store special? Slap some paint on it, decoupage your favorite Horror movie's images all over it, and cover it with glue, like I did with the Devil's Rejects Trash Can

How to Ruin a Set of Dawn of the Dead Collector Trading Cards

At last year's Famous Monsters Convention in Indy, DH picked up a couple of sets of Horror Trading Cards. They sat on our mantle for over a year until he mentioned how cool it would be to put them on the coffee table and cover them in resin.

He decided that the set to be sacrificed would be the Original Dawn of the Dead set. I agreed and immediately went to Michael's with a 40% off coupon and purchased the 32oz kit of Envirotex Lite.

Here is a couple of before shots, the table had been painted black a couple of years ago and had a great distressed feel.

After a light sanding to remove the polyurethane per the resin instructions.

It took 3 coats to properly cover the cards, and we did the first coat outside. We failed to cover it, and several bugs committed suicide in the sticky substance. We did the final 2 coats inside after we realized that the resin was very low odor and probably wouldn't kill us or the cats. We also had to buy another 8 oz kit to do the final coat.

It took 72 hours to do the hard cure, but we could actually knock on it after about 8 hours. I went ahead and did another coat of poly to the rest of the table to give it a high gloss sheen.
The final product, which DH was completely happy with.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I visited Michael's this weekend and was thrilled they had Spookytown already up and set up. I realize summer isn't even over yet, but I can't help but get excited.
Michael's selection is apparently clown themed and I am not so crazy about clowns. So it makes easier for me to not buy everything in stock. Besides, the giant bookcase DH built a few years ago just for my collection is full. There might have room for some figurines and that's it. So if I buy any this year, it will probably go into storage until we move into a bigger place. But I can look on the Lemax website and dream, because Michael's only has a sliver of what Lemax makes.
I wish I had room for:
Grinning Goblin Brewery
Wicked Windmill
House of Wax
Transylvania Zoo
Horror High
Temple of Terror
Monster Romance
Doomed Temple
Heads Will Roll
Haunted Pyramid
Torture Factory
Blood Bank

My favorite large piece is probably The Bates Hotel, what's your favorite?