Saturday, August 27, 2011


Here's a little disclaimer.

I was on blogger one day and randomly trying to see if various blogs were available. Taken. Taken Taken. And they all have absolutely NO CONTENT. No Posts.
What's the purpose of having a cool blog name and then not using the blog? Are you hoping someone will come along and buy the blog from you? If so, it's a dick move and shame on you.
So anyway, I tried and was surprised to find it was available. I wanted it. My house if full of horror crap, and I love to craft. Why not? Well, I do have another blog that I neglect, so I suppose there's the chance I will do the same with this one. And do I expect people to even read this blog and give a damn about what I say or the stuff I make? No, not really. If I get readers, cool. If not, this will be a place for me to keep my memories.

So that being said, I not associated or affiliated with the following folks, who I discovered after doing a google search:
HorrorCrafts on Etsy very cool jewelry btw.
Horrorcraft on Facebook
Or any books, games, funhouse, haunted house, videogame or movie using the name "Horrorcraft".

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