Saturday, August 27, 2011

Old Crafts from Old Blog...

I do have an old neglected blog that I used to post crafts to, spooky and non-spooky related.
I thought I might post a "best of Enduremyworld's Horror Crafts" here:

Have a deadly sweet tooth check out the Skull Cake I made for last year's Halloween party.

Need a quick Halloween costume? Check out Dia De Lost Muertos Makeup and Headband

Have a bunch of Halloween towels that never get used? Try re-purposing them, like I did with the Spider Plastic Bag Holder
Is your trash can a boring dollar store special? Slap some paint on it, decoupage your favorite Horror movie's images all over it, and cover it with glue, like I did with the Devil's Rejects Trash Can

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