Saturday, August 25, 2012

A lovely place to rest your bones...

The internet again has provided me with inspiration for seating. Once again Pinterest has shown me lovelies I would have never otherwise seen. This post is going to focus on various chairs that range from glamorous to torturous. Regardless they should fit well in most spooky rooms. Spooky, yes. Comfortable, I imagine not.

This would be lovely in a room where there isn't much color.

This looks incredibly comfy.

I imagine this in a kitchen or on the patio.

I see chairs similar to this at thrifts and yard sales. It could easily be recovered in a suitable fabric and painted or stained dark to match any dark room.

This dark beauty calls to me.

This looks like the chair I would imagine Malificent to sit upon in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

Looks like a chair you would find on the wall of the Night's Watch.

This is a classic piece, that you may find at a yard sale or thrift in those horrible granny fabrics that beg for you to recover.

This is another chair that I see often at thrift stores that perhaps belonged to a long replaced dining set. This chair could very easily be painted and reupholstered to fit your home.

Interesting chair that would fit well in a room with a Ottoman or Moor feel.

Such a beauty. I can imagine the Red Queen taunting Alice from such a chair.

I am not a fan of the wood stain, but this chair is beautiful in it's simplicity. I would probably paint the wood a sleek red enamel and leave the leather seat as is.

Oh my! I would love these chairs to sit at my kitchen table!

This would be lovely in my bedroom, but I would have to be careful to not go overboard with the animal prints.

The beautiful attraction of this chair is the skull print and it's creamy coloring of the fabric. Nicely done.

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