Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dusting off the cobwebs...

Oh poor neglected blog, I have been bad in maintaining you. As the weather begins to cool and Halloween goodies start to pop back up in the stores, I am reminded of your existence. Forgive me. To get back into this blogging thing, I shall share some of my favorite Dark Decor Inspiration Pins I have pinned on Pinterest. Some you may have seen before, some may be new. But they are all inspirations for the souls who like to stay spooky all year round. This room has so many elements I love. The grey fireplace, the zebra rug, the striped wallpaper, as well as the sheer curtains.

I love the sleekness of this very sexy bathroom. The glossy black molding stands out against the red wallpaper.

What is there to not love about this room?

I really like the adding of color to the backboards of the bookcases.

I'm not crazy about the floral aspects of this room, but I love the glossy furniture and the use of fur.

More animal prints! See a theme with me?

Do you have a Pin of a room that inspires you on Pinterest? Or have you stumbled upon a dark jewel somewhere on the internet? Please share.

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