Friday, January 18, 2013

When did you catch the Horror Bug?

I remember my Mom taking me to a neighbor's for movie nights. I was supposed to be asleep on the floor/couch but I totally was faking it.
The first Horror movies I watched?

Happy Birthday to Me

and My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Did they give me nightmares? Maybe, I don't remember. But they gave me a love of all things horror. It doesn't matter, cheesy or gorey, thriller or supernatural, I love it.

Ok, I lied. This movie gave me nightmares.  I recall a vivid nightmare of me wearing my Pink Barbie Cowgirl Costume and walking into a Saloon. There was a coffin in it, and I opened it to reveal one of the vampires from Salem's Lot. I was then chased by many more of the vampires.  Lame yes, but I couldn't have been more than 6 years old.

I remember going with my best friend to see the 20th Anniversary of the Exorcist. We must have been the only 2 people in the theater who had never seen it. My friend pulled her knees to her chest and rocked herself the entire movie, she was so scared. Me? I laughed my ass off. It was hysterical. I about pee'd myself when Regan came down the stairs all twisted upside down. She told me the reason it didn't scare me, was that I didn't believe in God or the Devil. Maybe that's true, but seriously that movie was funny.

Want to know what movie really freaks me out? This movie!
The Audition. Seriously. It's a messed up must watch.

My current favorite is probably Trick R Treat. DH discovered it on Netflix and since I really despise Anna Paquin I skipped it. I came home at lunch one day and he was watching it. I caught my first glimpse of Sam and it was love. His rules are simple: Wear a costume, hand out treats, never blow out the Jack O'lantern, ad always check your candy. If you don't... well you got to watch the movie. And Charlie Brown is an asshole!

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